PURPOSE is the card for today. Your PURPOSE is your sacred promise made by your soul about what you would give. It is one of your best chances for happiness and Awakening on this plane. It provides meaning in your life and it gives you greater health as a result. Part of your purpose is to help those around you as well as helping the world. Another part is something unique to you that only you can give and if you don’t give it ,it doesn’t get given. The final aspect of your purpose is your happiness that is a big contribution to everyone.
You can tell how much you are living your purpose by how fulfilled you are in your lives. Commit to your PURPOSE today and everyday. Let it be done through you by grace so your ego doesn’t scare you away from it. All of your traumas,pain and upset were set up by you as an excuse to run from your purpose because we listened to the ego instead of our higher mind. It would have been a path of gifts and grace in our lives instead of pain, ‘bad guys’ and dissociated independence. Today we can chose again and forgive those we used as our best excuse to hide when we had been called to save to save them.
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