SIMPLY BY NEVER USING WEAKNESS TO DIRECT YOUR ACTIONS, YOU HAVE GIVEN IT NO POWER & THE LIGHT OF CHRIST DIRECTS EVERYTHING YOU DO. (ACIM) is the card of the day. Weakness is a self-concept that we can go beyond. Our beliefs are ego beliefs and they are meant to limit us into a small world where we lean on the ego for help. Today we can lean on the light of Christ within us. As we see ourselves as free we empower others with the same freedom. Let today be a day of freedom and light. Let us know the power within. Everything Christ learned is within us. Everything the Buddha learned is within us. Everything Quan yin learned is within us. This is the nature of Oneness. And we can welcome the learning and power of what they achieved for us. Today let us choose to have their power direct us. Have a beautiful and brilliant day!!

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