SOMETHING FOUGHT FOR ON THE BATTLEGROUND IS OF THE BODY, SOMETHING IT SEEMS TO OFFER OR TO OWN (ACIM) is the card of the day. Whatever battleground we are on is to benefit our body. Spiritually this is what we are called to transcend. Everything of the body is what we are attached to in this world and what we are attached to we put at risk. Every time we let go of an attachment a new and better way comes about. Our attachments lead to pain, fights, judgments and finally grievances. And these hold us back from a better way. To let go is not giving up. It is giving up the reason to stay locked in and attached to the world of pain and disappointment rather than  moving forward toward Heaven on earth and Heaven Itself. Today look at where you have been fighting and what you have been fighting for. Be willing to let go of the attachment and be uplifted. Have a day of refreshment and freedom!!

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