Today’s card is THE ARCHETYPE OF THE IMMORTAL. An archetype first of all is a pattern in  the unconscious that denotes a positive movement that can be quite helpful. In this case it shows one of the highest attainments in Taoism. Having achieved such a high level of Mastery the IMMORTAL can move through time and different planes of reality. They have seen beyond the illusion of death and broken the contract with the ego that demands it. They move through different planes of existence. They are in the TAO and use the tao,which is how the TAO shows in time and space,to carry on their work. The tao is the highest possible unfolding that can take place given humanity’s past. Those who are so strongly in the TAO, the ONENESS beyond time and space, have the ability to influence the unfolding in time and space for tremendous good. Open your mind today to what is within you. It is very powerful and very helpful.
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