THE BIG PICTURE is the card for today . It denotes a process of unfolding in which we have an all encompassing view. In any of these unfoldings for the day, there is nothing we need do except let go of our resistance which will show up as negative process. Resistance is a defense that keeps the separation going. It keeps us living in the past or looking to the future. Today we could let THE BIG PICTURE dawn for us ;it will to the extent that we are open to it . The more open we are the bigger the picture can be for us, even to the experience of Oneness. THE BIG PICTURE frees us from many of the constaints we feel with a limited perspective;we no longer sweat the little stuff. A friend of mine in high school once said to me “There are only two principles. The first is ‘Don’t sweat the little stuff.’ The second is ‘It’s all little stuff”.” THE BIG PICTURE allows us to recognize that. Have a great day out there!
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