THE HEALED HEALER is the card of the day. THE HEALED HEALER is the healer who has healed himself as his most important function. This allows him to heal others because he has already been through that territory successfully. Today is a day to heal yourself and help others heal. First know that any unhappy experience comes from judgment. If we bless, forgive or help than we can be free of what we judged that always emerges from self-judgment and guilt. We always act as if we are right with our judgment. We are choosing to be right rather than happy. If we realized that every unhappy experience comes from our desire to be right in order to compensate for guilt and make someone else ‘the bad guy’ we could instead make the choice: ” I hope I’m wrong about this because if I’m right this is what I get.” Today be THE HEALED HEALER. You are then able to help the world because you have changed your mind about yourself. Have an unimaginably good day full of grace!!

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