Today’s card is a quote from A Course in Miracles from the Nov. 16th 1966 transmission,THE HEALING OF:
                       “ALL anger is nothing more than an attempt to MAKE SOMEONE FEEL GUILTY
                       and this attempt is the ONLY basis which the ego accepts for special relationships.”
A special relationship is based on ego needs. We make it all about us in the relationship and react when our partner does not take care of us the way we want them to;so there is all manner of control and emotional blackmail that drives the relationship. It does not seek for healing so there is more happiness. There is the belief that it is what we get rather than what we give that mahes us happy but this just leads to fights and the deadness that comes of withdrawal. Today is a  big step in integrity ,love and maturity toward what makes relationships work. Remember anger can show itself as withdrawal and passive-aggression as well as attack. Anger or hurt means we are attempting to get another to fill our needs. This will not work and only serve to push your partner away by attempting to control them. Today is a great day to make new ,successful choices for partnership rather than for your ego which will only lead you into more fear or dissociation.
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