THE ONLY WAY TO HAVE IT IS TO GIVE IT is the card for today. All problems at one level are an attempt to get something from someone. All problems are complaints and if the are big problems they are tantrums. At another level the root of all problems came from deciding to not give  and hide instead.
Our giving what you thought you needed fulfills you. Your gifts still wait within you for your recognition and motivation to open them for the people around you who need them.
What you need is within you! All of your wounding was from the fear to shine or the fear that you couldn’t deliver. But it is in you. The bonding you broke for independence led you to try to take or get, which only sets up more pain.
We are afraid to give because that would rebond us and we would lose the independence of the ego but on the other hand we would regain freedom and truth.
Time to give what you want and need because you have it within and giving lets you know you absolutely have. What would it take to motivate you to bring out these gifts–someone around you in dire need of help?
Don’t let yourself be pushed that much when it can be so much easier. If you want it ,give it ; it’s the only way unless you have the courage to receive. Have a good one!
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