THE ROLE YOU ASSIGN YOUR BROTHER IS GIVEN YOU, AND YOU WILL WALK THE WAY YOU POINTED OUT TO HIM BECAUSE IT IS YOUR JUDGMENT ON YOURSELF (ACIM) is the card for today. Anything you do to another you do to yourself. Anything you wish on another you wish on yourself. Everything you think about another you think about yourself. You cannot have a problem without a hidden grievance toward another and that attempts to hide your guilt. You and your brother are inextricably bound. Today is a day to give up throwing stones because you live in a house of mirrors and it’s a lot of bad luck to throw stones. It will make you a beggar in the House of Love. Love others as you would have yourself be loved. Jesus said that. After all this time this is still Christ’s message . Your happiness shows you learned this lesson. Be a willing learner and have a joyful day!!

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