THE UNITY STORY is the card for today . It is another card that speaks of a high level of consciousness.  Unity brings our mind together, healing all problems within and thus all the problems outside us. Unity is the realization that the only thing that works is the healing that removes the separation between us and ourselves and us and others. 

THE UNITY STORY is dedication to this principle as a way of life with all the wholeness and joy that would be the natural reward for such devotion to love and truth . THE UNITY STORY lives inclusiveness as a way of life . It recognizes that if we don’t include someone,we don’t include ourselves to this same degree and lack of self-inclusion is one of the chief causes of illness,heartbreak and defeat. It is the root of lack of confidence and feelings of lack of self-worth . Unity changes all that . 

Allow yourself to embrace THE UNITY STORY today. It will save you and those you love so much suffering. Beware the ego’s need to have someone be the ‘bad guy’ because after all of it’s blame,which it uses as its excuse to separate, it will use it to attack you as the main villain. The ego needs a ‘bad guy’ to build itself. It starts with others then moves on to God at an unconscious level but underneath all of that it is attacking us ,which it also uses to fight God. 

Today let THE UNITY STORY be the antidote to all that.

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