THERE  IS NO WAR BETWEEN GOD AND THE EGO; ONLY THE MAD BELIEF THE WILL OF GOD CAN BE ATTACKED AND OVERTHROWN (ACIM) is the card of the day. Our ego is an illusion that seems much more real to us than God given the separation in the world. This ego has made a world of illusion that comes from each of its self-concepts having its own goals and agendas. The ego attacks others and attacks us. It certainly attacks and the Self that God created. Nothing can change the Will of God Which is Oneness. The ego as the principle of competition, specialness and separation especially attacks God. Today we can begin to discern the difference between the Voice for God and the ego’s judgment. Today we can choose to be in service to God by helping our brothers or be a slave to the ego. Service to God is happy while being a slave to the ego is suffering. This makes it easy to tell the difference. Have the most wonderful day!!

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