Both WELCOME and, HEALING THE FEAR OF LONELINESS are the cards for today . All last night while I slept WELCOME kept popping into my mind and my dreams .It is WELCOME that rebonds us and HEALS THE FEAR OF LONELINESS. What ever you are frightened of ,you are already experiencing so if you have a fear of loneliness you are resisting it and giving it reality and power in your experience. WELCOME on the other hand does not fear . It is the feminine principle which invites an experience and transforms it. It accepts and integrates whatever is negative turning it into positive energy. It is not only the leadership gift of hospitality,it is the desire for love to be the chief experience for all . It is the principle of inclusion that heals fear ,loneliness,neediness and feelings of inadequacy that is many times compensated for by dissociated independence. It is the welcoming of others that welcomes Heaven and it’s gifts. It is this WELCOME that provides a sanctuary for all of God’s creatures and opens the door for sanctuary ourselves. WELCOME is the opposite of resistance; it is a feminine form of love and it brings joy to the invited as well as the host or hostess.
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