WHAT ELSE COULD I DESIRE BUT THE TRUTH ABOUT MYSELF? (ACIM) is the card for today. Imagine a life in which you feel free and at ease, where there is partnership and a giving of yourself 100% so you are receiving 100%. It is a life of love and flow and peace. This is what truth brings. The ego tells you not to look inside because you are guilty and a monster. But it is the truth about yourself that shows you otherwise. The Creator created light and we were created as light and love. God as Truth created us as truth and this is what we find deep within. Let us not be afraid to look and to let go of anything the Creator couldn’t possibly have created. How could the Light Itself create darkness or Innocence Itself create guilt or Love create fear. Life cannot create death. That belongs in duality, the realm of the ego, not in Oneness. What could you desire but the truth about yourself?. Have powerful day!!

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