WHOLEHEARTEDNESS is the card for toady. It speaks of us giving ourselves fully. To do this on a consistent basis is to gradually raise our consciousness within the space of a few months. To give oneself wholeheartedly is to heal an old place of being split-minded that frees us from a conflict which can show itself as a fight or deadness. WHOLEHEARTEDNESS lifts us up to better equality, a greater ability to receive and enjoy as well as giving us self-inclusion,,one of the shortcuts to partnership. When we don’t give ourselves fully to whomever we are with or whatever we are doing than we cheat ourselves. When we give ourselves wholeheartedly,life returns itself to us in kind. It is one of the ways to know ourselves,those around us and life and it is one of the great secrets of success. Today is a day that shows your success in the coming year. Make the most of it and have a great one!
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