YOUR SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP IS YOUR DETERMINATION TO KEEP HOLD ON UNREALITY AND KEEP YOURSELF IN THE DREAM (ACIM) is the card of the day. The special relationship is run by your ego and it wants to win, be right, be superior and be the good one. This throws us into bitter competition, fights and deadness. It wants you to be special instead of loving and loveable and is the bane of partnership and intimacy. It also locks you into the belief you are a body and that you are going to die. It tries to imprison you, keep  you in pain and tells a fabricated story of you being a victim, the weakest position in life that now demands things your way. It is the ego’s best weapon to to try to lock you into the world you see as the only reality. It is based on grievances, fear and guilt. It fosters attack and self attack which make up this illusionary world and sees it as the only way. It is self-destructive and works toward you feeling valueless and meaningless. It wants you to depend on it and live a small life rather than be happy and live other parts of your purpose such as healing and helping rather than judging. Today get a second opinion from your higher mind. Ask for the truth. Realize that only equality and mutuality leads to truth. There is a stairway to Heaven with step after step of healing, happiness and honeymoon and it is there if you really want it. Have a masterful day!!

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