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Living your talents – key to a rich and juicy life

Annual intensive course 2024 with Susanne Ernst over 4 weekends & a 5-day seminar in June 2024.

This course series is credited with 15 seminar days to the 100-day program.

9. – 11. February 2024
5. – 7. April 2024
14. – 16. June 2024
11. – 15. September 2024
15. – 17. November 2024

Within each of us rests a unique treasure of talents and abilities waiting to be discovered and brought to flower. These gifts are like seeds that want to be planted and nurtured to bring forth a rich and juicy life.
When we connect with our talents and cultivate them, the doors open to a life of abundance and joy. However, we are often shy with our gifts.

Being talented shows us in our true greatness. With greatness often comes responsibility and high expectations. We are afraid of taking on this responsibility and not living up to the expectations of others. In fact, many people doubt their abilities and fear they are not good enough. Comparing ourselves to others can also make us feel that others are much more talented. This makes us feel small and makes us withdraw. In this way, we try to protect ourselves from possible disappointment, rejection, or failure, which prevents us from living our gifts and showing our greatness.

We forget that our talents and gifts are an expression of our true nature. We are constantly receiving divine energy that flows through us and manifests itself in the form of our unique gifts. Our soul wants to develop and unfold certain abilities and potentials during our life, this is our destiny. Only when we live this destiny does our life feel rich and vibrant.

When we bring our talents into the world, we create a positive energy that spreads to ourselves and to others. Our unique gifts can inspire and encourage others to find their own path and reach their full potential. We become a channel of blessing that enriches the lives of others and gives us deep satisfaction ourselves. Life becomes a shared celebration in which everyone has their place and benefits from the fullness of the whole.

– Do you have the courage to receive your gifts and embrace your true greatness?
– Will you be the answer to challenges and be effective?
– Will you share your talents to help yourself and others?
– Are you ready to enjoy a rich and juicy life?

This seminar offers you the opportunity to clear out what is still blocking your talents. We will pause together and align with our truth and our greatness. We will uncover and let go of what was blocking our success and ease. We will acknowledge our gifts and use them to lead. We will open the doors to a richer experience of life, and you will realize: You are unique and precious, and your talents make a difference – for you and the world!

Seminar times

FRI: 18.30 – 21.30 hrs.
SAT: 09.30 – 18.00 hrs.
SUN: 09.30 – 17.00 hrs.

WED 13.30 hrs. – SUN 16.30 hrs.
This course series is credited with 15 seminar days to the 100-day program.

Seminar fee

CHF 2’550,-
CHF 2‘150,- for couples per person
Installment payments as well as discounts for students and job seekers are possible by arrangement.

No weekends or evenings can be booked individually. If you miss an online evening with Susanne, you can make up an evening in Susanne’s public online evening seminar group free of charge. The hotel costs of the 5-day seminar will be charged separately and paid directly to the hotel. Additional costs between approx. 600 – 850 CHF are to be expected for board and lodging (depending on room category and meal plan).


Solothurn/CH & Online & Hotel Bellevue at Lake Thun/CH
The course series is conducted live on site in Solothurn and simultaneously via Zoom. For this purpose, camera & screen are installed in the seminar room. This guarantees high quality delivery for all participants.

Please note: The 5-day seminar will ONLY be conducted live.

Hotels in Solothurn: https://www.solothurn-city.ch/de/buchen/unterkuenfte
Simple overnight accommodation is also possible free of charge in the seminar venue.


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