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Opening yourself up to a life of satisfaction and happiness. A seminar series with Susanne Ernst over 5 weekends  annual program 2020:

January 31 – February 2
April 3 – 5
June 5 – 7
August 21 – 23
November 6 – 8

In a life full of happiness and happiness, we feel happy, free from needs, doubts and worries. We love life, ourselves and others. The world is heavenly and we are delighted! This elation makes our thinking an insignificant background noise. The focus is on knowing what is true. This truth is simple and feels good, connected, and free.

How can we open ourselves up to this feeling? We answer this question with Susanne’s competent leadership and the loving support of the group. We set the following thematic priorities to open ourselves to life full of satisfaction and happiness:

1st course weekend: “Amazement”
If we walk around the world curiously and openly, if we are amazed like children, impressed by the small and large treasures and wonders of this world, then our life becomes richer and more charming. Ignorance and judgments no longer cloud our view. When we are amazed, our gaze is wide awake. We feel appreciation and gratitude for what we experience and what we have.

2nd course weekend: “Align yourself”
How we perceive the world and how we react to it is our decision. Nobody can take away this freedom of choice. It is the greatest power we have. What are we targeting? Are we going to choose independence that we hope will free us of all of our needs? Or are we ready to give up our resistance and control in exchange for partnership, equality and joy?

3rd course weekend: “Reaching out”
The saying ‘giving makes you happier than taking’ is well known, but the depth of its meaning is often misunderstood. When we get stuck in a problem, we focus on ourselves and analyzing the problem. However, by reaching out to other people, we grow beyond ourselves and leave the level of the problem. Reaching out can be forgiving, accepting, loving and blessing – the key to our happiness.

4. course weekend: “Enlightenment of the heart”
If we understand enlightenment as ‘awakening to our true nature’, an enlightened heart is an unconditionally loving heart. When our hearts are enlightened, we love the world and the world loves us. We see innocence and gifts in ourselves and other people, free of judgments and thought patterns that separate us from our fellow human beings. We are now connected by more than we have ever separated.

5th course weekend: “Life in the river”
If our life is in the river, things unfold effortlessly for us. We trust that we will receive what we need. However, if we fear that things will not go according to our ideas, our expectations and needs will grow – and the flow will dry up. With courage and the willingness to be led and surrender, we can allow the fullness of life. We are happy to share our gifts and happiness with others and live a life full of love and connection.

5 weekends:
Fri & Sat & Sun January 31st – February 2nd
Fri & Sat & Sun April 3rd – 5th
Fri & Sat & Sun June 5th – 7th
Fri & Sat & Sun August 21st – 23rd
Fri & Sat & Sun November 6-8

This course will count towards the 100-day Psychology of Vision® program with 12.5 days.

Fri: 6.30pm – 9.30pm
Sa: 9.30am – 6.00pm
Sun: 9.30am – 5.00pm

Weekends cannot be booked individually.
In addition, 5 online evening seminars are available to course participants for free this year.

Simple accommodation is possible free of charge in the dojo.

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