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Please note this apprenticeship is only being offered online 

The Hawaii Apprenticeships provide an opportunity to work directly with Chuck and Lency Spezzano in the beautiful tropical setting of Hawaii. These programs offer the latest cutting-edge healing work and awakening processes developed by Chuck and Lency.

Apprenticeships are a key element of the Psychology of Vision 100 Day Program, as three Apprenticeships are required to graduate. Since they are on the fast track participants need to have at least 20 days of training in the PoV model, which must include 20 joining sessions and/or the recommendation of Psychology of Vision Trainer in order to attend.

This program is taught in English. Translators will be available if enough people require translation. There will be a charge for this service and the fee will be dependent on the number of people requiring translation.

Further details, other then times, and registration 

Additional registration for online participation

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