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Tiffany Robinson

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Focus for July

Healing perfectionism, procrastination and presenteeism

We will look at three key dynamics that get in the way of boldness, risk taking, confidence and learning and heal where we are tripping ourselves out of our own liveliness in our practice and in life.

What is the forum about?

It is a group coaching session to support artists to achieve more in their practice and in turn their life.  In the forum you can work on the subjects in your art to gain insights at a deeper level of awareness of your subject and process, or address issues in life that are getting in the way of your art. For example experiencing self-doubt when working in the unknown, overwhelm at the possibilities, or being triggered by the topic in your art. They can also be about life that takes you or your precious time away from your art such as dramatic or lifeless relationships.

Places are limited so that each person receives attention on their issue.

We meet on Zoom for now so that more artists can join.

PoV works very well with artists as we use metaphor and intuition to gain deeper awareness of the hidden narratives, beliefs, and emotions affecting life and work. These can be counter to what you consciously know or want.  The process of seeing them gives you a way to choose again for what you truly want with more of the power of your mind. This deeper level of vision can open up meaning to your work and to your life.

The group dynamic of artists working on issues alongside each other is powerful. As each one offers their experiences or issues to the group everyone shares in the insights and where there is awareness of similar issues affecting them more insights and healing can be gained.

Date and Times

Saturday 30 July 2022

9am – 12pm



As artist and Psychology of Vision Trainer, Tiffany brings years of mentoring art students and now coaching clients with transformational tools of PoV.


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Posted on on July 17, 2022 4:24 pm

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