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In this 5-day seminar with horses you will become aware of what feelings can be triggered in and around you.

You have the opportunity to recognize how you can bring your own personal gifts into the world. This can lead to success in business, finances, relationships, health and fitness, or it can be your life’s work. During the seminar we will go through the steps to your success together, with personal topics and the horses as a coach. With process-oriented, depth psychological work in the morning and energy work with the horses in the afternoon, you will increasingly recognize your personal gifts.

This very special course costs 1100 CHF/Euro (including VAT). An investment that will come back to you a lot more.

It is an extraordinary seminar because the energy of the horses will lead us into deep processes. Experience these magical moments that remain unforgettable in your energy system. The experience of working with the horses will remain in your memory forever.

Note: This seminar creates a protected space in which profound processes can be carried out and personal topics can be addressed. This process work is supported, among other things, by the constellation work according to Chuck Spezzano and methods by Lency Spezzano and requires the active participation of the participants.

Susanne Ernst is a Psychology of Vision ® trainer , a committed mother of two adult children, a trained anaesthesiologist, holds the II diploma in Seitai and, as a black belt holder and Aikido trainer, has her own school and dojo in Solothurn. Susanne is a level 3 PoV trainer.

As well as being assisted by the horses, Susanne has enlisted the help of Elisabeth Schneider for the work with the horses. Elisabeth is experienced in working with both horses and the PoV principles.


Wednesday – Sunday: 0930h – 1200h PoV with Susanne
Lunch break
1400h – 1600h work with the horses
Reflection until 1700h

Sunday: seminar ends at approximately 1600h

Seminar prices

Individual CHF/EUR 1100.
Couples CHF/EUR 900.–/per personThe seminar price includes snacks, coffee, tea and water.


Riding Hall Horsepassion Ruflin Wylerweg 15, 2563 Ipsach

Accommodation options

Hotel Schlössli Ipsach www.schloessli-ipsach.ch

Camping Sutz www.hotel-camping-sutz.ch

Villa Lindenegg Biel www.lindenegg.ch

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Posted on on November 9, 2023 11:35 am

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