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The Restoration of Power –5 to 14 December 2022

The Hawaii Apprenticeships provide an opportunity to work online directly with Chuck Spezzano.  These programs offer the latest cutting-edge healing work and awakening processes developed by Chuck. Apprenticeships are a key element of the Psychology of Vision 100 Day Program, as three Apprenticeships are required to graduate. Since they are on the fast track participants need to have at least 20 days of training in the POV model, which must include 20 joining sessions and/or the recommendation of Psychology of Vision Trainer in order to attend.

Session hours – all Hawaii times

Chuck’s Sessions
09:00AM to 12noon HST– only German translation available
15:00 to 18:00PM HST– only Mandarin and Japanese translation available

Participants must also participate in one of these daily sessions but can do both if they choose.

Feminine Sessions
20:00 to 23:00PM HST – these sessions are mandatory for all participants and translation will be available in German, Mandarin and Japanese.

These daily sessions will focus on the feminine side of PoV and will be taught by different advanced PoV Trainers from around world. They will give you a great world spanning learning opportunity that you will find no where else.

Dates – all Hawaiian

5 to 14 December 2022
Please note the dates given are for Hawaii so may differ depending on where you live eg 5 December in Hawaii is 5 December in Europe but 6 December in Asia, with 14 December in Hawaii being 15 December in Europe and Asia.


Apprenticeship – $3,200 USD
100-Day Graduate – $1,650 USD
If translation is required there will be an additional charge for this which you will be informed about.

Register for a 2022 Apprenticeship

Please book online with a $500.00 USD deposit to confirm your space in the program or pay in full.

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