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Chuck Spezzano

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Teaching is being – be the role model you would like to have

Often we look to others so we can either blame what’s not working on them or to be liked by them but don’t know how.

If we where to be loving to ourselves, and to our mistakes and even our shortcomings, we would stop blaming and start seeing the humour in the chase for perfectionism, first with us and then with the rest of the world.

Let Chuck teach you to be more gentle with yourself, to see the humour in ‘what is’ and take credit for what you are, the most lovable person you can be given your circumstances.

The good news is we can all do better so let us discover how and together we will lead the way to a more loving world. 🥰

Date & Times

Tuesday 13 June: 20:00 – 22:00 CET / German time


2-hour online seminar

Chuck’s work is process-oriented and therefore doesn’t always follow the scheduled times. We recommend reserving additional time in case of an overrun.


€90 euros per person

The account details for the bank transfer will be sent after registration.


Please click on the booking email button or use join@connected.co.at to book your place.

Organization / Contact

connected empowers dreams og
Cornelia & Gunther Roßmann
Mobile: +43 676 6311772
Mail: join@connected.co.at

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