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The liveliness and awareness of horses promote our own vitality. Horses strengthen self-awareness and self-development skills. Horses do not force anything, they urge others to make themselves understood, they just want to be understood. Do you want that?

The horse lives in BEING and perceives all energies. Firmly anchored in the HERE and NOW and fully present at all times they challenge us to do the same. Free of external values ​​and judgments, they accept us as we are. Do you want that too?

April 28, 2021 – May 2, 2021

0930hrs – approx. 1200hrs PoV seminar with Susanne, process work and lunch break until 1400hrs. Then 1400hrs – 1600hrs further seminar time with a horses reflection session until 1700hrs assisted by by Elisabeth Schneider and Antionette Haering.

The seminar will take place ALVA Leadership Center, Wierezwil 271, 3255 Rapperswil

For the 5-day seminar:
Price : CHF 1300. — incl. Coffee / tea / water at the seminar.
There are overnight accommodation options in the region within a few minutes’ drive. A shuttle from BHF Schüpfen can be arranged if desired.

We would be happy to organize lunch for you!

The seminar counts towards 5 days in the PoV-100-day program.

Registration and information:
Elisabeth Schneider

This seminar is a PoV workshop with Susanne. There will also be additional horse-assisted sessions with Elisabeth Schneider and Antionette Haering.

Elisabeth Schneider has been traveling with POV since 2007 as a staff and promoter for Susanne Ernst. Passionate horse woman, mother and grandmother, self-employed since 1980.

Antoinette Haering dipl. Mental coach with many years of experience in coaching, leadership and horse-assisted work. Owner of the ALVA Leadership Center, Wierezwil and her horses.

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