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Whether in love, at work, in our circle of friends, with our hobbies, in our family, even with yourself and heaven, everything revolves around relationships. We could also say: everything revolves around how you include yourself and others!

To feel more successful in your relationships, it is helpful to learn something about relationship stages, as well as the typical pitfalls and mistakes, so that you learn to navigate relationships better and do not feel overwhelmed or even disadvantaged so often.

And even if you are already very successful in one of your relationships (maybe even in all of them ? did I forget to list your parents above ?) I can promise you that you too have much more potential.

Because no matter where you are right now, there is a path to even more fulfilling, meaningful and, above all, growing relationships.

So that we can move forward together, join us for a weekend of insights and inspiration about relationships!

Saturday 8.10.2022, start 9.00 a.m. – 8.00 p.m. (German time)
Lunch break & group work included
Sunday: 9.10.2022 9.00 a.m. – 1.00 p.m. (German time)

Seminar price: € 300 per person* and € 250 per person booking as a couple*
Price including drinks
*In the event of cancellation, an expense allowance of €50 will be withheld

A venue in Buehl, Germany (will be announced later)

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Posted on on September 2, 2022 12:03 pm

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