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What do we want to choose – to forgive or to judge?

In order to find our way in the world, we form judgments and try to classify it through our evaluations. Perhaps we want to protect ourselves from pain and from feeling our hidden guilt. In doing so, we keep forgetting that the world we see is only our mirror. We condemn in others only what we condemn in and of ourselves. We do this to compensate for the fact that we often feel insufficient or unworthy to be innocent.

All our unpleasant feelings like fear, anger, rage which also lead to attack and self-attack arise from our judgments.

So how do we get out of these often unbearable situations?

Through forgiveness – the basis of all healing.

With great love and playful ease Chuck puts us in a position to forgive. Step by step we learn to take responsibility, to withdraw our projections and blame and to let go of our guilt and anger.

This enables us to reconnect with others, the world and ultimately ourselves.


30 May to 1 June 2023


3 x 2 hour online seminar

Chuck’s work is process-oriented and therefore doesn’t always follow the scheduled timings. We recommend reserving additional time in case there are changes.

Session times 

Every evening 20:00 – 22:00 CET (German)


Regular € 210

Price for couples  € 170

100-day graduates € 130

The account details for the bank transfer will be sent after registration.


Please email: join@connected.co.at

Organization / Contact

connected empowers dreams og

Cornelia & Gunther Roßmann, Mobil: +43 676 6311772

Mail: join@connected.co.at

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