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Join us for this 1-day workshop to develop the confidence to vision a future worth living with the powerful trainer-couple Conny and Gunther. Together we will all remind ourselves of what our soul has long known – we are free!

Sometimes we perceive the current development of our environment, the economy, our togetherness – which often resembles more of an opposition – and the opportunities that present themselves as very limited. An oppressive feeling creeps in and when we think about the future things often become tight. Our perception of the world often ends in the question: “How is this all going to continue?”

In a space of trust and confidentiality, we will recognise in practical ways and through our personal examples, that our perceptions are determined by a hidden negative purpose. This means that when we feel this oppressive tightness when looking into our future, it is the actual hidden negative purpose of our perception. Fear is the origin of the image we create from our past bad experiences. It is limited, oppressive and not very hopeful.

In conversations together and with the help of various exercises, we will remind ourselves of the power of taking the next step, of our connectedness and the magic of truth, which our perception had tried to keep us from.

We will not gloss over problems or hide fear with rose-tinted glasses, instead we will open up to the visions that freedom offers. The freedom and response-ability to connect, to give ourselves, to offer each other support and to accept help at the same time, are some of the steps of trust that we will take together. Freedom also means being free from the absoluteness and dictates of our negative perceptions and experiences, to accept the everlasting possibility of being happy.


14 July


Sunday  10:00 to 17:30
Lunch break 13:00 to 14:30


1-day PoV hybrid workshop facilitated by two trainers Conny and Gunther Rossmann

Venue – hybrid

Online and Casa Roßmann, Lebing 104, A-8183 Floing, Austria


€ 160 Price for 100-day graduates
€ 180 Price for couples per person
€ 200 Normal per person price


Please email Conny and Gunther on join@connected.co.at


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Cornelia Roßmann Mobil: +43 676 6311772
Gunther Roßmann, MBA Mobil: +43 676 6816039
Mail: join@connected.co.at

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