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In the spirit of Christmas we invite you to join us for a revolving full-video participation seminar around the world, with 12 hours of Chuck, taking place over 24 hours. Come join us for

Love Around the World

In these sometimes dark and difficult times what could be better than us joining together spreading love and joy around the world. Joining each of our lights together to create one big shining light – a beacon of love from this extraordinary global community – sharing our love and joy with everyone we know and everyone we haven’t even met. Spreading the true message of Christmas.

We start this great event on the 21 of December at 6PM Hawaiian Time and the first PoV Community we join will be Japan (22 December 1PM Japanese time).

We will spend 2 hours with the Japanese and then move on around the globe and join our friends in Europe, UK & Ireland, Canada and USA, all our Chinese speaking and Asian friends and finally for the great finale to Hawaii.

In the breaks you have the chance to meet with students from all over the world.

Take a look at the timetable and see when we visit close to you and come join us. For information in German please click here.

You can join all of the meetings (that is 12 hours with Chuck and Trainers from all over the world) for just $100US, with $40US of that going to charity.

You will get a 1/2 PoV Day if you join and might even be one of the video participants in the great finale which is free for everybody. The first 10 to sign in from each region will get a spot and after that we will have a lottery. This is a full video participatory event where we can host up to 100 video participants at a time.

Please register through the link provided below and let us know for which other region you plan to attend so we can try to have translation for you.

We will translate from English to your language (German, Japanese and Mandarin) when we visit your region (see timetable).


Free finale 22 December at 8PM Hawaiian time only click here.

Japanese registrations please click here.

Chinese registration please click here.

All other regions please click here for this amazing LOVE Around the World to take part in the whole event (you choose how many hours and when you join us and this automatically gets you registered for the free finale).

Once payment is received you will be sent a Zoom link, and a DoodlePoll link. Please use the DoodlePoll link to confirm the sessions you will be attending and put your language after your name so we can try to have interpretation for you.

Click here to see the timetable for this event.

For the flyer please click here.

This post was written by Linda Sankey

Posted on on November 17, 2020 7:03 pm

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