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Intimacy creates deep levels of bonding without which life can feel like a habit, instead of a joy.

Intimacy is a way to bridge the depths of your true Self, to be more real. If you recognise that you are trying to control yourself or others, that you long for a greater connection or communication, that life and love feels a bit meaningless, then take a look at the levels of intimacy.

With intimacy relationships feel radiant, meaningful, starting with the relationship with your Self. It has no barriers, rules, or demands. Intimacy has ‘welcome’ at it’s core, starting with a welcome to you.

This course is a creative group coaching day, supporting you to identify the issues from your past making life and relationships difficult today, and healing them through becoming more connected to life. This can increase your capacity and confidence to welcome life rather than control it, freeing your energy towards the things that make you happy without having to work so hard for it.

The Day

The workshop begins with an introduction, you will then be guided to complete some simple nature connection drawing exercises, taking inspiration from the surrounding gardens. It is not necessary to have drawing skills, it is a guided process to access your unconscious in a gentle way. Through a reflective process of facilitated question and answer, group discussion, each participant will add to the bigger picture of the blocks and ways through to greater intimacy.
By the end of the day you will have some creative works that you can explore further in your own time, understanding of the choices and experiences of the past affecting your life today, and the power to change them.


The workshop is facilitated by Tiffany Robinson, a Psychology of Vision Trainer, artist and life coach.


Hamblin Hall, Bosham, West Sussex, England, PO18 8PJ


10am – 5pm


£125, includes all materials, lunch and refreshments (vegan & gluten free)


Wear comfortable clothes, layers, and a wrap if you feel the cold when sat still. Something suitable for outdoors depending on the weather forecast, we will be outdoors for short periods of time.

All participants agree to the PoV groundings of confidentiality, participation, and commitment to their healing process.

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Posted on on March 18, 2023 12:29 pm

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