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We feel the fear, the pain and the anger. The affected powerlessness that war, struggle and strife trigger in us paralyzes and blocks us.

Therefore, we put this week’s seminar under the umbrella of what it would take and what we wish for:

Finding peace, Giving love

Through the humor that opens our heart:

It’s time to be cheeky, carefree and perky again – let’s dance with creativity

When our planning, required seriousness, and supposed necessities become constraining and restricting, worry is the straitjacket smothering our lives.

Being perky, through humor and outrageousness, brings back the fun and delight and provides the guidance to help us out of fear and separation.

But how can we be cheerful and exuberant when circumstances require us not to be careless and inappropriate?

In small humorous steps, Chuck introduces us to that delightful perky smile that comes to our faces as soon as we realise that we can’t really suppress our human spirit. We can learn to be cheeky and carefree again, because that is playful and creative. We can feel that this gives us back our freedom.

Being perky is the answer to limitations and relaxes what we impose on ourselves. It allows us to appreciate life, joy, ourselves and others.

We remember the importance of charm and playfulness in the abundance of life. This allows us to see new ways of moving beyond the frown of seriousness that is not authentic. When we do not follow rules in our lives, but align ourselves with principles, we enter into a creative dialogue.

In the 3 days or 6 sessions we will learn exactly these Lessons. In the safety of a group and lovingly guided by Chuck’s joy and experience, we playfully and laughingly realise that we don’t have to be anxious, careful or recklessly careless for our lives to be carefree, jauntily and easy-going.

Dates / Times / Schedule
17th March 2022 (HST) – 20th March 2022
Session times: Thursday and Friday 20:00 – 23:00 CET (German)
Saturday and Sunday 8:00 – 11:00 and 20:00-23:00
Groupwork: Friday 18:00 – 19:00
Saturday and Sunday between Sessions, as agreed.

Chuck´s work is process-oriented and therefore doesn´t always follow the schedules
We recommend reserving the free time for you and avoiding any further appointments if possible.

Prices / Tuition
Regular price € 595
Price for couples  € 490
100 days graduates  € 295

Organization / Contact
connected empowers dreams og
Cornelia Roßmann, Mobil: +43 676 6311772 | Gunther Roßmann, MBA Mobil: +43 676 6816039
Mail: join@connected.co.at, A-8183 Floing, Lebing 104

Kerstin Debnar and Gerd Kühnen

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