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The joining evening is dedicated to the female (self-)healing method of the Psychology of Vision. This is about becoming aware of your emotions, feeling them again so that they can be transformed.

We have often closed our hearts to disappointments and hurts and dissociated ourselves from our feelings. At first glance, this appears to be a suitable protective function. But at second glance we don’t experience the heights of life, happiness, if we don’t have the courage to feel our injuries. We cut ourselves off from everything. We also experience the world through the lens of our injuries, which unconsciously affect us until we heal them.

Would you like to meet the challenges of life with more ease, solve problems instead of wallowing and progress further on your (self) healing path? Joining is a healing method in which the emotions that have triggered problem situations or that have arisen in problem situations are tracked down, brought into consciousness and felt again so they can be transformed instead of affecting us unconsciously.

There are different joining methods. It is best to start with two people (you can pin your joining partner on the computer). You look into each other’s eyes and connect with your emotions and the joining partner. Music is played, which supports the feeling of the emotions. Afterwards there is a change of perspective that takes you out of the sense of victimhood and that feels peaceful and happy. By connecting with the participants (joining), your energy level will increase. Heavy emotions such as feelings of guilt, anger and sadness are dissolved, creating new space for lightness and joie de vivre.

The evenings can be booked together or individually.




19.30 – 21.00


Joining, visualizations, integration exercises, and much more.


An individual evening €35 or €290 when booking all evenings

PoV days

2 (after attending 8 webinars)

This post was written by Linda Sankey

Posted on on January 15, 2023 6:57 pm

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