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Alex Patchett-Joyce

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Know Your Own Mind

Discover the Depths of Your Mind: A 10-Week Journey to Self-Exploration

Join us starting from 9 September 2024, as we embark on a transformative journey through the inner workings of your mind.

During these ten weeks, you’ll have the opportunity to:

• Unlock Your Inner Potential: Experience the power that lies within you. With sessions that guide you through the process, we’ll help you tap into your creativity and authenticity, allowing you to break free from limitations and embrace your full potential.

• Navigate Your Truth: Whether it’s your relationships, career, or overall life path, this program will guide you towards aligning with your true self. Let go of what no longer serves you and embrace a path that resonates with your core values.

• Cultivate Awareness: Explore the facets of your mind that you might not have delved into before. With each session, you’ll uncover new layers of awareness, inviting happiness, joy, and a deeper sense of wonder into your life.

It’s time to delve into the depths of your own mind and emerge with a clearer understanding of yourself and the possibilities that lie ahead. Your journey towards self-discovery begins now.

Know Your Own Mind – 10 awakening Joining sessions exploring and gaining insights from the depths of your mind. Are you ready to:

• free yourself, feel powerful, creative, authentic and alive
• let go and start living your deepest truth be it relationships, career or life
• open your mind to greater and greater awareness to find happiness, joy and wonder.

Course format & price

Ten 2-hour live Zoom sessions £600 worth 2.5 PoV days.
Recordings are available for those in the group and there is a private WhatsApp support group.


Term 3 2024
Sep 9, 16, 23, 30
Oct 14, 21, 28
Nov 4, 18, 25

10:25am arrival and welcome
10:30am start
12:30pm finish

Alex is empathic, compassionate, insightful and firm.  Everything you need in a coach.


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Posted on on December 15, 2023 5:17 pm

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