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Our partners are not only the most important people in our life, but we have also made a pact with each other at our soul level to heal and grow together.

Our intimate relationship pattern reflects our life pattern and soul pattern. Only through continuous healing we are able to create a better partnership with Heaven, thus creating a happy and prosperous, abundant life.

For the first time ever for Singapore, our model couple, Hideaki and Hiromi sensei, will be leading an intimate couple partnership workshop. They will be guiding us through their own relationship challenges and how they have overcome it to have a successful love and intimate partnership with each other.

Date: 25-28 March 2021 (4 day workshop)

Time: 10am-6pm (Singapore Time)

Location: online

Format: Zoom

Language : English/Japanese/Chinese

Facilitated by: PoV Master Trainers Hideaki & Hiromi Kurihara

Fees: SGD 1,800 (early bird)

100 days grad: SGD 900

This post was written by Linda Sankey

Posted on on February 3, 2021 11:16 am

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