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Veron Lim

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Hideaki Kurihara

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An online workshop series by Hideaki and Veron.


1. Those who can be rich; those who can only stay poor
2. Happy/Lucky money Vs Unhappy/unlucky Money
3. Relationship with money and health
4. Money and Relationships
5. Relationship with Money, Sex and Freedom
6. How to educate children about money
7. Money and sex is the God’s Gift to Humanity
8. Money Vs Leadership
9. Marriage = Mastery workshop for Money and Sexuality
10. Money x Sex x Fear v.s Money x Sex x Love
11. Sex is the best investment opportunity
12. Beauty and the Beast = Story of Sexuality energy and Abundance


6 session dates:
1) 11th April 2023
2) 25th April 2023
3) 9th May 2023
4) 23rd May 2023
5) 6th June 2023
6) 20th June 2023
Time: 7.30pm-9.30pm (SG Time)

1-Day Workshop Date:
28th May 2023
Time: 10am-6pm (SG Time)


SGD $1288
SGD $888 (100 days grad)


Japanese | English | Chinese

To download the event flyer please click here

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