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Experience healing with the power of spontaneous and regenerative movements – for the first time we are offering a Seitai in Hamburg!

This weekend we will learn how to bring the body into spontaneous movements with the help of introductory exercises. We will activate the body’s self-healing program. The body wants to move to relieve tension and transform inner blockages. These movement impulses come from the autonomic nervous system:

Katsugenundo = regenerating movements

Old feelings and beliefs can be released from the body cells so that our life energy (Chi or Prana) can flow freely again. The Katsugen Undo is thus a simple way to self-regulation. Without a goal in mind, we surrender to the movement and learn to trust and follow the body’s own impulses.

“Health is living life to the fullest”
Haruchika Noguchi Founder Seitai

Seitai not only sensitizes our body to our life energy, but also makes it possible to pass this energy on to others. Be it as therapy for clients or for our family simply out of the desire to live. In this way, the Seitai helps us to have more vitality, creativity, love and joie de vivre.

Note: In this seminar, a protected space is created in which profound processes can be carried out and personal issues can be worked on. This process work is supported, among other things, by the constellation work according to Chuck Spezzano and techniques by Lency Spezzano and requires the active participation of the participants.


Saturday, August 26, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Sunday, August 27, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Seminar prices

Regular seminar price: EUR 329.-
Early bird price (until 01.06.23): EUR 299.-


Kung Fu School Elmshorn
Bauerweg 24 A
5335 Elmshorn

Seminar organization

Petra Hornung: www.petra-hornung.info / mail@petra-hornung.info

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