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A new PoV (Psychology of Vision) training program is now available, to be with you every step of the way on the ultimate healing journey: “The Return to Oneness” or “R2O”.

This extensive and carefully curated program includes more than 70 video and audio recordings with Chuck and Lency, as well beautifully presented written material: twenty easy to understand chapters full of invaluable exercises. Together these form one comprehensive guide to the dynamic principles of the PoV model. You will learn how healing works, as well as the energetic changes that are required for this healing to take place. You will receive mentoring, support and guidance from the instructor and learn and grow side by side with your fellow students.


Online via Zoom


Mid August 2023

Info evenings

09.07. and 02.08., 20.00-21.00, German time


Twice a month from 18.00/20.00-21.00/23.00 German time, the exact weekday is fixed on the info-evening.


Regular: $ 5,000 or Repeater: $ 3,500

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Posted on on April 29, 2023 1:49 pm

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