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Never before has the system of psychology of vision been presented so comprehensively as in this exciting new training program. Never before has a POV degree offered a balance between masculine and feminine – the life’s work of Chuck and Lency Spezzano, the founders of POV. For the first time, a POV training program is available that will guide you through every step of the ultimate healing journey: “The Return to Oneness.”

Presented with the enthusiastic support of the Spezzanos, this state-of-the-art program designed by Francine Girard and Alex Patchett-Joyce takes you from the basics – understanding the earliest stages of the POV triangle and learning the simplest connection techniques – all the way to Chuck and Lency’s latest and most revealing findings. You will journey into the hidden, deepest unconscious parts of the mind to reach the highest, most joyful and most connected parts of self.

Our engagement will be intense. Your rewards limitless! You are being asked to invest your time and take a giant leap, going beyond your old limits to make profound changes in your heart – and in all aspects of your life including relationships, career, health, fulfillment and happiness.

This extensive and carefully curated program includes more than 70 video and audio recordings with Chuck and Lency, as well as beautifully presented written material: twenty easy-to-follow chapters full of invaluable exercises. Together these form a comprehensive guide to the dynamic principles of the PoV model. You will learn how healing works, as well as the energetic changes required for that healing to take place. You will receive mentoring, support and guidance from the course leader and you will learn and grow alongside your fellow students.

Here are a few excerpts from the 20 chapters:

Chapter 2: The next step

Chapter 4: Joining

Chapter 6: Higher Perspective

Chapter 9: Transforming Expectations and Control

Chapter 13: The courage to heal the heart

Chapter 15: Female Leadership

Chapter 16: Visionaries and Masters

Chapter 19: The Restoration of Unity

Times: starts 11 August and continuing approximately twice a month on Thursday evenings from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. (occasionally on a Tuesday)

Proposed schedule: 2022:  11.08. and 25.08. chapters 1 & 2, 13.09. and 29.09. chapters 3 & 4, 06.10. 13.10 and 27.10. chapters 5 & 6, 17.11. and 29.11. chapters 7 & 8, 06.12. and 22.12. chapters 9 & 10

2023:  03.01. and 26.01. chapters 11 & 12, 09.02. and 21.02. chapters 13 & 14, 09.03. and 23.03. chapters 15 & 16, 13.04. and 25.04. chapters 17 & 18, 04.05. and 16.05. chapters 19& 20

Cost: 4,449 euros

Location: Online via Zoom

Credit days: 20 (to the PoV 100-day program)

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Posted on on May 7, 2022 1:49 pm

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