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Choose this program if:
⁃ You want more success and happiness in your life (e.g. relationships, finances, career, health, spirituality)
⁃ You want more balance in dealing with your emotions and feelings and yourself
⁃ You would like to experience Psychology ef Vision® for the first time or in greater depth.

For the first time, a great and comprehensive PoV training program is available to guide you in detail every step of the way on your healing journey: The Return to Oneness. This course consists of a total of 20 modules of 4 hours each and takes place in a group online via Zoom. We will meet approximately every 2 weeks. Together we will watch more than 70 video recordings in which Dr. Chuck and Lency Spezzano share their knowledge about the methods and insights they have developed for healing. We will do helpful exercises. After each module you will receive a script with further basic information. A little homework allows you to deepen what you have learned and integrate it into your daily life.

Everything together forms a comprehensive guide to the dynamic principles of the PoV model. Through your gifted commitment, your rewards will also be limitless. You will journey into the hidden, deepest, unconscious parts of the mind to reach the highest, most joyful and powerful connection. You have the opportunity to take a great leap, to go beyond your old boundaries, to make profound changes in your heart: It’s a great chance to receive more happiness, success and love in your life.


September 2024, date to be confirmed


Thursdays, 6pm to 10pm




4600.- SFR

This post was written by Linda Sankey

Posted on on February 20, 2024 8:48 am

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