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PoV’s new, major, year-long program – developed by F. Girard & A. Patchett-Joyce, in consultation with Chuck & Lency Spezzano. A definitive Program based on their lifetime’s work, RETURN TO ONENESS provides an expanded look at the 4 sides of the Triangle, incorporating for the first time, a full balance of the Masculine & Feminine. With commitment, it can take you all the way back to Oneness.

The PoV Triangle provides a road map of the mind, and can be used, not only to better understand and transform yourself, but also to heal non-working interactions with others. It develops insight and clarity around behaviours, thoughts, emotions and beliefs. By combining this with a non-denominational exploration of spirituality, it can be used to ultimately help you discover the Truth of Who You Are. Blocks holding you back from this Truth are uncovered and healed.

– Taught online to small groups – minimum 6 persons
– 40 sessions – usually weekly – approximately 3 – 31/2 hrs each
– Sessions are a combination of group sessions and buddy work
– Recordings and print outs are available for ongoing use.
– Ongoing support from Facilitator as needed

Completion of course = 20 PoV Days towards the 100 Day Program

Do join Bernadette on a Journey Into Your Heart!

COST – $5,000 USD

Course starts February 2021

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Posted on on January 3, 2021 5:39 pm

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