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Never before has the Psychology of Vision system been presented as definitively as it is in this exciting new training program. Never before has a PoV course of study offered a balance of masculine and feminine—embracing the lifetime work of both Chuck and Lency Spezzano, the originators of PoV—that restores the feminine to its rightful place in the world. For the first time, a PoV training program is available to guide you, in depth, every step of the way on the ultimate healing journey: the Return to Oneness.

Presented with the enthusiastic support of the Spezzanos, this cutting-edge program designed by Francine Girard and me will take you all the way from the basics—understanding the earliest stages of the PoV Triangle and learning the simplest joining techniques—to Chuck and Lency’s latest and most revealing insights. You will travel into the hidden, deepest unconscious parts of the mind to reach the highest, most joyful, and most connected parts of the Self.

This is not for the faint of heart and it will be quite a ride. You will be asked to commit your time and to take a huge leap, to stretch beyond your old boundaries to make profound shifts in your heart—and in all aspects of your life, encompassing relationships, career, health, fulfilment, and happiness.

The course will take place via 20 4-hour online sessions from 27 September 2022 at noon to 4pm UK time.

For more general information about Return to Oneness please click here or email Alex for details about her course.

This post was written by Linda Sankey

Posted on on April 29, 2022 7:40 am

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