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A oneyear programme of learning fast-track healing principles, tools and processes to significantly change your life.

This course will increase your capacity, knowledge and conscious awareness of who you arewho you came to be and what you can do to live a fully realised life.

When you have this level of vision and understanding, you have the means to live your life in abundance, to be fully present in your relationships, and in fulfilling your life purpose.  

With this increase in awareness, you can choose to respond to life challenges without falling into old self-destructive ways of being, of sacrifice, failure and isolation.

Instead you can choose to live from your heart, to respond with compassion and visionto make different choices that lead to partnershiptrue friendship and fulfilment.

This course was created by Alex Patchett-Joyce and Francine Girard supported by Chuck and Lency Spezzano.


  • Group work gives you the opportunity to see the effects of each principle from different viewpoints, and experience the benefit of deep healing with the energy of a group process. With this deep level of working, you can expect to form lifelong friendships and a support network for your onward journey 
  • Sessions are taught with lightness and humour that ease the learning processallowing you to deal with deeply trenched issues more freely 
  • You will experience poignant healing as you take turns to lead the way in each process, which in turn is a catalyst to healing and learning for the whole group. 
  • The Groundings ensure the privacy and boundaries so that you can express yourself freely, and respect each person in the group. 
  • Where you feel stuck in life, you will gain the awareness to free yourself of patterns, included inherited restrictions 
  • You will have a buddy, another student on the course, to share your year, to challenge and support each other between sessions, breaks and homework  
  • Throughout the year you will be supported by the group on WhatsApp. You will get to celebrate your achievements with the group, share your insights, and for calls for help (yours, and others). 
  • You will be encouraged to create a daily discipline that suits you, to support the learning and keep you on track way beyond the programme 
  • Each student receives unlimited access to Alex by email for additional guidance, as well as access to one to one laser coaching for those intense moments 
  • Sessions are recorded for sole use by the group, which you get to keep and refer to for life 

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Posted on on December 13, 2019 4:42 pm

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