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Rise up and claim your true creative voice. The World needs your artistry and so do you. Creativity brings meaning, value and a voice that awakens, questions, mirrors, speaks, whispers, it provokes, laughs, sings and shouts and so much more.

What it is

Working with the cycles of the new moon, we will use the darkness to explore the unconscious attitudes, beliefs and patterns that dilute your power and creative authority. This is the seeding time and as you heal the blocks you will be encouraged to plant your intentions and goals for the month ahead. This is a time to reveal yourself to learn, forgive and take your next steps with the support of the trainer and group throughout the year.

How it works

There are eight sessions and we meet once a month on a Saturday via Zoom in a small group. Sessions are live and participatory. You will be introduced to topics that typically delay and derail creatives, and through sharing and healing you will learn the tools to step through problems, complaints and blocks. At the end of each session you will write your commitment for the month ahead, your seed, and how you will nurture it. At the start of each session you get to share what worked and what you want to focus on next. It is all a learning and healing experience to bring you closer to your artistry and your creative voice.

Starting with becoming accountable about where you are in denial, this exercise will give you a strong sense of personal direction for the course, of what you long for, and compassion for what you have been struggling with in your work. Topics will cover control, getting your needs met, guilt, failure, trust, commitment and vision. As you learn and reflect on how each aspect has affected your practice, you get to make new choices that support and nurture you, that make it easier for you to take steps to align your vision of your creative life and live it.

By the end of this course you will have renewed vision and confidence in your artistry and creative voice. You will have transcended blocks that have been holding you back, and feel more rewarded by your practice.

Dates & Times

Saturdays 10am – 1pm

10 April, 15 May, 12 June, 10 July, 7 August, 11 September, 2 October, 6 November 2021


£240  /  £100 deposit payable in advance, £140 due before 12 June

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Posted on on January 18, 2021 5:25 pm

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