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Francine Girard

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“Sex” is the most primal desire of mankind. It is the deepest and most obscure, but also the most
stimulating and pleasant relationship in the connection between two human beings.

Francine, a senior PoV trainer living in the United States, will discuss with us what kind of energy is
hidden behind “sex”? Driven by this energy, what kind of power is hidden within? How does this
energy affect you/your life?

“Sex and Relationships” contains 6 consecutive online mini workshops. Together we will explore the secrets to our ideal relationships.

CHINESE REGISTRATION LINK: https://forms.gle/NMbyVZkqQnTKhXna6

ONLINE CREDIT CARD PAYMENT LINK: https://core.newebpay.com/EPG/ASKPoV/foGkpV

DATES  7 August to 9 October 2021 on Saturdays:
1. 08/07
2. 08/21
3. 09/04
4. 09/11
5. 10/02
6. 10/09

TIME 10:00AM-12:00PM

VENUE online

PRICE 8800 NTD (about 320 USD)

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