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Do you know the desire to climb to the top of a mountain? You have had some practice, but you don’t really know if you can do it. You stand at the bottom and look up, see the summit glowing in the distance. Finally you make up your mind and start walking. You start with a good pace, take each ascent after the other. After a while you look back and then up again. The path that lies ahead of you doesn’t really seem to get any shorter. You feel your tiredness, you actually don’t like it anymore. Then you look ahead to where the summit still beckons you.

Where do you give more energy to? Where do you direct your attention.

It is a fundamental principle of psychology that we intensify whatever we focus our attention on. This is not only the case when hiking, but everywhere in life. Anyone who has ever had a summit experience knows what it feels like: the feeling of being connected to heaven and earth at the same time, all heaviness let go, the gaze gliding into the distance, absorbing all nuances of light. Suddenly all effort is forgotten, only this “divine” moment counts.

And that’s what it’s all about, the focus on this moment, on truth, love, peace. This spring seminar refreshes and renews us, it gives us courage to continue on our way with a new zest for life. It shows us the place of inner peace and our source that never stops gushing, which we can access at any time.

We round off this workshop with our optional supporting program. We start the day with a 30-minute Tai Chi unit “Connected to Heaven and Earth” with Yvonne Müller-Rohrer. In addition, we have the opportunity to use the wellness and sauna area reserved exclusively for us on two evenings and, depending on the weather, we go on an easy hike and physically climb one or the other “peak”.

The seminar hotel in the middle of the Rosengarten area of ​​the Dolomites offers the ideal conditions for a perfect pampering program with its award-winning wellness facility, the excellent four-star gourmet kitchen and the extremely courteous staff.

Wednesday, March 30th, 2022 beginning at 2 p.m. to Sunday, April 3rd, 2022, ending around 4 p.m.
This seminar is counts towards the 100-day program of Psychology of Vision ® with 5 days .

Seminar prices
500 € repeater Early bird price until February 28, 2022
580 € in deposit until February 28, 2022
655 € in deposit from 1 March 2022
555 € pair price per person
deposit fee € 100 / is at cancellation withheld
(details and resignation control see Registration confirmation)

German with possible translation to English as well.

Organization and event location
Hotel Engel Spa & Resort **** S
Gummerer Str. 3, 39056 Welschnofen
+39 0471 61 31 31, booking@hotel-engel.com

Hotel prices for accommodation with full board per person and night:
. DZ Cat A 139 € / double room Cat B 120 €.
EZ Cat A 146 € / EZ Cat B 128 € (limited single room allotment)..
Additional charge for food on the last meeting € 18 if this is the day of departure

The Hotel Engel in the middle of the unique world natural heritage of the Dolomites – a holiday destination of security with excellent cuisine, kindness and warmth, that is something that essentially makes “the angel an angel”. “A heavenly seminar in a heavenly place”.

Arrival options via the nearest airports: www.aeroportoverona.it / www.veniceairport.it / www.innsbruck-airport.com
Arrival by bus or train to Bolzano, onward journey by bus, shuttle or carpooling.

Information | Registration EU
Doris Gluderer
Tel +39 338 945 93 44

Information | Registration Switzerland
Yvonne Müller-Rohrer
Tel +41 78 800 35 55

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