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Wellness is defined by the WHO as physical, mental and social well-being. Spirit describes the mind of a human being, or better, their soul. Bringing the two together gives us exactly what our seminar is about – a journey to a state of balance, harmony, inner peace, insight into our source, a place in us where we are always well.

To reach or even maintain this state of affairs in our everyday lives is a great challenge for many. This is partly because our ego wants us to believe that we are a body. However, recognizing that we have a body and use it as a tool instead of identifying with it can serve our personal growth, as Chuck Spezzano explains. “He can become an important seismograph for us and help us better understand ourselves and our emotional world.” As soon as we are ready to assume responsibility, our lives are taken on completely new paths. This seminar shows us how to do this – replacing old patterns with new impetus, more joie de vivre and inner peace.

On the physical level we receive the loving guidance of Yvonne Rohrer-Müller (aquatic bodywork) and Alice Hönigschmid (yoga teacher) through our optional wellness program all the support to integrate the new findings directly.

The seminar hotel is in the middle of the rose garden area of the Dolomites offers with its award-winning wellness facilities, the excellent four-star gourmet cuisine and the extremely courteous staff the ideal conditions for a perfect pampering program in between sessions. Ideal for couples.

Dates: 17-21 June 2020

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Posted on on January 16, 2020 8:22 pm

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