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Torsten Konrad

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An annual offering of online trainings in The Art of Relationships using Psychology of Vision coaching, supervision and self-exploration techniques. These can be attended individually and for the whole or half year.


These online events facilitate deep transformation and unveiling of our deepest desires and potentials, enabling the exploration of new levels of success and fulfillment in relationships and professionally.


In these regularly occurring online events, we utilize the group energy to support the process of self-becoming through the emotional transformation method of Joining from the comfort of your home. Everything that burdens the heart emerges in the emotional consciousness. The fundamental quality of experiencing in the heart is love. By paying attention to the emotional body, everything contrary to this fundamental quality reveals itself. Every negative or unpleasant emotion felt within such a healing space can be transformed, along with the underlying issue it has brought to the surface.


“For me, the combination of body awareness work in the Alexander Technique and psycho-emotional work (PoV) is brilliant; each enhances the other. Torsten Konrad is, to me, a creative and highly dedicated free spirit—every endeavor with him is enjoyable, profound, and has a liberating spiritual connection. This physical, emotional, and mental freedom has a lasting impact on my more beautiful and happier everyday life.” J.A.

Technical Details

These sessions take place on ZOOM. The event link can be found at www.schoener-leben-institut.de and clicking on Webinare mit Video.  Participants need a good internet connection, a computer with a microphone and camera.


09.12. | 23.12.


6pm – 8pm German time


Annual Program 1200 € | Repeat Annual Booking 1000 €

Individual Evening 60 €  | Students  30 €

Half-year Program 800 €  | Annual Program for Students 500 €

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