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Take Your Place – A Better Way

When you take your place in your own life it inspires those around you. It  transforms your relationships, your work, all that is relevant and meaningful to you. It is a step in a direction that feels wholly true to you. When you make that choice, old stories and ways of thinking, responding, can come up but it’s not to fail you but so that you can transcend them. The point is not to lose heart but to commit with more heart. Leading with love is the better way. It starts with self-love, enough self-love to receive the support you need.

In leadership you recognise you are not on your own, there is a renewal of commitment, accountability, collaboration. What gets in the way of leadership is control which comes from fear and doubt based on the past. In leadership you can learn and be a student of your life in your present.

The workshop will challenge you to liberate yourself from where you feel bound to suffer, fail, or get by, and to find a better way in which you get to know your strengths, your gifts, and share them. If you hear yourself saying that’s not possible, that’s the voice we will be challenging so that you can listen to guidance from a different voice, from your higher mind.

The day includes sharing and healing of the issues through increased awareness; sensory and creative exercises in nature help reveal the unconscious influences; recognition of the gifts that have the power you need to take your next step, to take your place in your life. Write the next chapter of your life as a loving, happy one. You have the pen, let the Divine write it with you and for you.


Bosham, West Sussex, English


£125 includes materials and refreshments

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Posted on on August 26, 2023 10:23 am

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