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Susanne Ernst

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A seminar with PoV and the power of horses.

In this 5-day seminar with Susanne Ernst and the horses you will become aware of what life has to offer you!

Feelings are, it seems, a richly nuanced language, with information being exchanged between the heart, internal organs and brain. Feelings are contagious. Due to the electromagnetic field, they can touch others beyond the limits of the body. When one realizes that consciousness is not trapped in the brain, but pulses through the body and expands into the environment, one gains access to information that most people ignore. Horses rely on this “sixth sense” and respond to subtle changes in posture, muscle tension, breathing and general levels of arousal – a skill they also use to “read” people. They are so sensitive to what others, even at a distance, are feeling that they mirror the feelings hide people from other people. Like a sound or smell that travels through the air, invisible but powerful and full of information, we send out emotions and infect others with them. It’s our ancient instinct.

Working with horses suggests that communicating at the heart level greatly improves relationships.

This very special course costs 1100 CHF/Euro or pair price 900 CHF/Euro pp (incl. VAT) An investment that will come back to you multiplied tenfold!


31 May to 4 June 2023


Wednesday – Sunday:
0930h – 1700h with breaks for lunch etc


Reithalle Horsepassion Ruflin Wylerweg 15, 2563 Ipsach


CHF/EUR 1100. individual
CHF/EUR 900. per person per couple

There is overnight accommodation options include:
Hotel Schlössli Ipsach
Camping Sutz
Villa Lindenegg Biel

Qualifying PoV days

The seminar counts towards 5 days in the PoV-100-day program.

Registration and information

This seminar is a PoV workshop with Susanne. There will also be additional horse-assisted sessions with Elisabeth Schneider.

Elisabeth Schneider has been with PoV as staff and promoter of Susanne Ernst since 2007. She is a passionate horsewoman, mother and grandmother.

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Posted on on January 15, 2023 6:41 pm

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