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Hiromi Kurihara

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Francine Girard

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Following Lency Spezzano’s retirement Hiromi and Francine will continue the pioneering work. The feminine work provide by Lency highlights the deep consciousness the prevents us from experiencing Oneness, heaven, the true bliss of life.

Reaching the miracle of life through the pain, suffering and hidden self-concepts completely changes our perception.

What is femininity?
To connect, to sympathise, to snuggle up
To receive, to accept, to forgive
Feeling emotions, opening your heart
Being abundant, inspiration,
To help, to be equal,
Healing, staring at the inside.

By nature, both men and women have masculine and feminine qualities. However, in modern society the masculine has dominated. Why don’t you remind yourself of what true femininity is and how to listen to your own femininity. There are many talents and gifts there.

Dates: 23 to 27 June

Times: 10am to 6pm approx, Japanese times

Venue: online

General ticket – 1,500USD
100 Day grad – 1,200USD
Mastery student – 1,000USD
POV Trainer – 750USD

Please check for translation fees.

Please click here for more information in Japanese and click here for the Chinese version.

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Posted on on April 18, 2021 8:33 am

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