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Would you like to progress in your self-healing or support other people in their (self)healing? Do you work in a healing profession and wish to deepen and expand your skills? This further training takes place over three weekends, which can also be booked individually. In addition, two healing evening webinars (2 hours) are offered. Dates: 06/27/2023 and 09/26/2023 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. online.

There is an extensive script for each weekend, in which the exercises, background information and additional material are explained. In my many years as a PoV trainer, seminar leader and coach, it was a matter close to my heart to summarize an essence of the most effective methods and exercises and their psychological and spiritual (non-religious) background of the Psychology of Vision in an education/further education setting. This resulted in the course “The Healed Healer”.

The Psychology of Vision is a healing model founded by Chuck and Lency Spezzano that blends the path of the heart with modern psychology and spirituality. Relationships are the focus. Everything that is not healed, e.g. old family patterns, comes between you and your partner, you and your children, you and your colleagues, etc. When you become aware of this, you can make a new decision and change these patterns.

This means that our relationships are the fastest route to our development and self-healing. The Psychology of Vision methods are based on modern psychology and spirituality that have been developed by Chuck and Lency Spezzano over many years and have helped many people.

This further training takes place over three weekends, which can also be booked individually. The seminar offers: – Explanation and experience of the evolution of consciousness using the PoV triangle model – healing exercises for everyday life – strengthening of self-healing powers and talents – opening of the Heart Consciousness – learn different joining techniques – process work, process awareness in a one-on-one setting and in a group – dynamic line-ups – counseling and process work using cards in one-to-one settings and in group work – training of perception. There is an extensive script for each weekend, in which the exercises, background information and additional material are explained.


May 06/07, 2023: The Evolution of Consciousness – A journey around the PoV (Psychology of Vision) triangle. The PoV triangle is a model of the development of our human consciousness. It depicts the different stages of development that we go through in our families, relationships and communities. The problems and pitfalls are explained, e.g. injuries, feelings of guilt, fear, defeats, depression, sacrifice, grief, stress, burnout to effective and sustainable (self) healing paths are shown. We are concerned with raising awareness and integrating our dependent and independent parts in favor of more partnership and collaboration. A new level of success in all areas can be attained. In the process, impeding patterns of dissociation, projection and transference are dissolved.

June 27, 2023: Healing evening webinar (2 hours)

August 5th/6th, 2023: Joining and process work – Joining is an ancient healing method modernized and developed by Lency Spezzano. The different joining methods, in which the feeling and “burning” of pent-up emotions cause the healing, are explained and experienced. What does process work mean and how is it used for healing? This is how perception is trained. For example, based on the seating positions of the course participants and their importance, conclusions can be drawn about the process of the group.

September 26, 2023: Healing evening webinars (2 hours)

November 18/19, 2023: Dynamic constellation and advice/process work using cards – Dynamic setups are explained and experienced for yourself. Aspects or persons/personalities are set up and integrated, which means healing and an expansion of our abilities. The supporting effect of cards created by Chuck Spezzano in the individual counseling and in the constellation work, work with groups will be shown.


Online via zoom


Training/annual course – online

06/07 May 2023: The Evolution of Consciousness – A Journey Around the PoV Triangle

27 June 2023: Healing evening webinar

05/06 Aug 2023: Joining and process work

26 September 2023: Healing evening webinar

18/19 November 2023: Dynamic constellations and consultation/process work using maps

Weekend Timings

Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Sunday: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m

Two healing evening webinars from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. online

Whole Course Pricing

Early bird every 3 weekends until 31.03.2023 880 €, regular 970 repeaters: 495 €, single weekend: 360 €

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