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Berit Gunkel

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This evening is a free offer so you can get to know me and my work.

Would you like to find out how you can choose a better path? Is it normal that you do your best but things still doesn’t go the way you want? Perhaps you feel frustrated, at the mercy of others, give up or try even harder? Maybe you think you’re not enough? Does everything seem exhausting and tiring?

During this evening, you will get to know the principles and exercises of Psychology of Vision® (PoV), which are easy to apply in everyday life. Together we will explore where and why we are blocked. There will be space for your own issues and processes. With the insights gained, we can make new decisions and recognize what our next steps are. More joy, love and connection can then return to our world.


14 April 2024




Please email to book and receive the Zoom link. There is no cost for this session.

This post was written by Linda Sankey

Posted on on February 21, 2024 8:30 am

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