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Gerd Kühnen

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Make it your habit to always take the next step … Are you ready?

Take The Next Step in your relationships
So that the fight will end
So that the power struggle and competition come to an end
For you to find peace
For you to regain the energy and joy that is missing at the moment
So others don’t attack and hurt you anymore.

In this 1-day Seminar you will find
Solutions and the
That will empower you to take the next step
So your relationships, to yourself and to all others can become more peaceful, fulfilling and equal because only without arguments and power struggles can we create a better world together.

Dates and times: Friday 11 March 2022 – 18:00-21:00 and Saturday 12 March 2022 – 09:00-12:00
Price: 110 Euro
Venue: online

This post was written by Linda Sankey

Posted on on December 28, 2021 10:28 am

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